A lacquer box full of stories

Transform your smart device into a beautiful Japanese lacquer box and solve challenging puzzles in the mobile game SHI•RO!


In over 60 handmade puzzles, you connect golden moons to separate the sea from the sky. Think out of the box while playing on a lacquer box! Will you help empress Gemmei to create the first Japanese islands?

Play an engaging story

SHI•RO tells the story of an ancient empress, a lost love and a blossoming friendship. Based on the first Japanese writing, the Kojiki, you engage with an emerging world.

Enjoy a beautiful design

SHI•RO celebrates the beauty of Japanese lacquerware by transforming your iPhone and iPad into a lacquer box. Gold and silver shimmer in your hands while you unriddle complex geometries and find stories of depth beyond the surface.

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SHI•RO is a game by Topicbird, published by The Brothers Grimm. Find out more about the team.

The team behind SHI•RO

SHI•RO is a game by Topicbird: Jasper Meiners and Isabel Paehr

Sound: Leonard Bahro

Voice: Chieko Zacharias Mori

Translations: Amelie Meiners (Spanish), Rose-Marie Biehlig (French)

Publisher: The Brothers Grimm

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